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Virginie Joudelat

My passion for decoration comes from my childhood in the Hautes Vosges, near Gérardmer, the family home full of history, the smell of softwoods, the play of light and shadow of the mountains reflected in magical lakes.

This "Madeleine de Proust" is the central theme of my work.

To shape places and spaces, I play on the harmony of materials. Also, I permanently meet artisans: weavers, glassmakers, carpenters to select beautiful pieces of work. The other part of my inspiration I draw from my travels, and my years in Canada and the United States.

In this quest for aesthetics, it seemed obvious to me that the enhancement of a room, is inseparable from its lighting.

Convinced of this I propose my services around the two axes SPACE PLANNING & LIGHTING.

When you entrust me with a space I'll take into account all your wishes and desires and put my creativity at your service. I'll help you find your style by designing a unique and original atmosphere - yours.