Light - the soul of a place


In interior decoration, light is essential.

It goes with:

  • the volumes of a room
  • the proportions of a piece of furniture
  • the choice of materials

The light is at the beginning of any realization.

I chose to specialize in light.

One of the reasons, is that I understood quite young that it was an essential element for every living being.

Not being able to control the sunshine, we could have an impact on the light of our environment.

In a private space, playing with natural or artificial lighting, I propose to create atmospheres, to play with the volumes of a room, to optimize it in work areas and to emphasize specific elements.

In a professional space, I work light by combining performance and aesthetics.

To master and design light is essential because it:

  • has an influence on the ability to focus, the effectiveness
  • creates a harmonious work environment
  • has an influence on health and well being

Master, Design the light ... My passion